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Science Fiction Campaigns

I started reading Science Fiction back in the golden days of Ray Bradbury and Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein. I'm still reading it. And to my mind it just keeps on getting better. Small wonder then that one of the first RPG's I started playing was Traveller, the original Sci Fi FRPG. TSR gave it a try with Gamma World, but for me they just missed the point. GURPS Space was a decent enough expansion just to cover the Generic Universal part of their brand, and then Steve Jackson briefly held the rights to publish Traveller -- and that was wonderful.

As with my other gaming, I have finally settled on the D20 engine for most of my rules stuff, and the Wizards of the Coast have put out a couple of editions on the Star Wars game. I happen to have the original version and I understand that the Saga version is better. But I'm quite happy to mix and match what I've got with D20 Future, and throw in a lot of stuff from the unofficial GURPS Star Wars material that's been published online.

And let's not forget CyberPunk -- a genre of gaming that seems to have come and gone, but I still have a fondness for. The idea of living in a virtual world alongside our mundane existence is fascinating to me. I go there often.

The Expanse

I devoured the series of books published by James Corey that are now being made into The Expanse -- a TV show on the SyFy network. The hard science, the alien intrusion, the political depths of the world they have created is very rich. And the Traveller rules are ideal for this setting. Thanks guys! I love it.