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The building of, running and playing in Role Playing Adventures is the great love of my life. I've been doing this since . . . a long time ago. I've published scenarios for Call of Cthulhu and run tournaments at conventions up and down the Eastern Seaboard. I've been gaming online since Compuserve, and now I have my own web site and mobile apps for gaming.

I just love this stuff!

Here at the site, I've collected a few favorites. Some I've been working on for years. Others are brand new ideas. Feel free to explore and steal whatever you like. But I hope you decide to linger and sign up to play one of these advnetures with me. I run campaigns for groups and single players, so feel free to ask even if it's just you interested in playing.


The Siege Perilous is set in Arthurian England. The theme is bold adventures in the legendary land of Albion. Arthur and Merlin are off stage to allow the Player Characters to take the lead roles in defending Tintagel Castle and Arthur's half-sister: Morgana.

A Winter's Tale is set in the classic D & D setting: World of Greyhawk. The themes here involve ancient magic and heroic fighters in a world where humans live side by side with elves, dwarves and other, less wholesome creatures.

An Appointment in Zamora is set in the Hyperborean Age of Conan from the tales by Robert Howard. There are no demi-humans and magis is rare. But when it is encountered it is dark and sanity threatening with many overtones from the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.

Silent Knight is a Gaslight era Call of Cthulhu adventure set in Edwardian England. Visit a great house at Christmas time to discover what ancient eveil is threatening the lord and lady of the manor.

Talons of the Si Fan is another Gaslight era adventure set in Edwardian London featuring the classic Oriental villian, Dr. Fu Manchu!

A Deadly Kiss is a Cthulhu Noir scenario set in the Atomic Age. Take on the role of a hard-bitten detective in 1950's San Francisco to foil the plots of Commie spies and Asian revenge

An Incident in Bendix Falls is a classic Call of Cthulhu scenario set in the 1920's. A team of scientists is dispatched from a prestigious university to investigate unusual artifacts discovered at the bottom of a coal mine.

Manifest Destiny is a Delta Green adventure set in modern day New York City. Take on the role of a governmenent agent, police officer or forensic scientist investigating a baffling case of torture and murder on the docks.

This Thing of Darkness is pure Sci Fi. Set in the Asteroid Belt a hundred years or so in the future, you take on the role of a miner on an exploratory mission who discovers an artifact that will change the universe.

The Infinity Event is set in the Star Wars universe. This adventure is focused in the adventures of a single ship and her crew as they explore alien ruins that may contain the key to eternity.

Deus ex Machina is a hard-boiled, in-your-face Cyberpunk adventure set in the world of tomorrow. This one is not for the squeamish.